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Spelt Farro Organic Speltgrass Seed - 12oz

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Non-GMO Juice Grass

The better staff of life. Grow this seed for SPELTGRASS JUICE. If you have a cat, grow the seed for "CAT GRASS" - your felines will prefer it over your house plants. Growing this seed in a flower pot makes for a fun kids project. Gardeners can use this seed for ornamental grass purpose (fall-plant at 2-inch spacing). 12 oz package.  

Directions: Fill a flat bottom tray with garden soil. Spread the seed densely and evenly, cover with 1-1/4 inch of soil. Pack the soil and gently water. Keep the soil moderately moist - the seed will sprout after about 8 days. The speltgrass may be trimmed with scissors, it will regrow for several trimmings.

Spelt, (Triticum spelta) is the ancestral grain that takes your taste buds back to the dawn of agriculture over 8,000 years ago. The uptake of micronutrients in the soil is much higher in spelt plants than in commodity wheat. People with certain allergies to common bread wheat report that they can enjoy spelt without ill effects.

Lentz Spelt is raised from Foundation seed in the mineral-rich soils and sunny climate of the Columbia Plateau in the Pacific Northwest. Chefs and bakers take delight in the full flavor of this Farro. It's a natural grain, non-GMO.

Available in 12oz packages.

Allergen Information: Spelt is a distant relative of wheat, and contains spelt gluten.


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