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Organic Lena Camelina Seed

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Significant Omega-3s And Vitamin E


An ancient oil seed crop of Celtic Europe over 4,000 years ago, Camelina sativa contains significant levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Camelina is also called Wild Flax, Gold-of-Pleasure, German Sesame, Leindotter, Butterraps, and Ya-Ma-Ji.

Use this seed for quick sprouting, roasting, or added raw to salads or baking mixes.  When Camelina Seed is ground and left in water (at a ratio 80% to 20%) overnight, it will form a gel that can be used as a binder (egg replacement) in baking.  Use instead of poppy seeds on bread crust.  

Available in 16oz and 20oz packages.

Purchase the seed in bulk for bird feed and garden/landscaping seed.  Camelina meal from pressing and crushing is added to feed rations of chickens laying Omega-3 eggs.

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y'all are the purple prairie barley and lena camelina I get from the Minglement on Vashon Island. Keep up the great work.

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