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Packed with nutrients, this grain can be used by some who need to follow a gluten-free diet.  Emmer is commonly referred to as farro.

Cook emmer like risotto for a scrumptious pilaf or tabouleh.  In your kitchen mill coarse grind it for polenta and couscous dishes.  Ground fine, the flour makes superb flatbreads, pizza crust, scones and muffins, and also heavenly pancakes.

Risotto-type dishes are easily prepared by cooking the berries for 30-60 minutes. Compared to rice, farro risotto will always be slightly crunchy.  For Mediterranean style salads, let the farro risotto cool in the refrigerator, then blend with veggies and spices for tabouleh. Farro grains add robust flavor to soups.

Ingredients: Lentz Emmer Farro.

Emmer farro is an out-cross of einkorn which occurred 500,000 years ago.

Lentz Emmer is a unique landrace variety genetically adapted to the mineral-rich soils and sunny climate of the Columbia Plateau in the Pacific Northwest.  Chefs and bakers take delight in the rich flavor of this farro.

Available in 16 and 22oz packages.

Allergen Information:  A primitive relative of wheat.  Emmer contains emmer gluten.

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