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Organic Einkorn Flour - Whole Grain - 22oz

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Farro Non-GMO Wheat Alternative

Einkorn (Triticum monoccocum) also called farro, is an ancient grain first domesticated in the Fertile Crescent. It is a non-GMO ancestral alternative to traditional wheat. 

Great for baking the healthiest flatbreads, scones, cakes and tortes.  Also makes the best pasta.  For European hard-crust bread, blend with our spelt flour.

Einkorn gluten is the most delicate among gluten-containing grains and, therefore, can be tolerated by some with gluten sensitivity. While not "gluten-free," Einkorn is becoming popular among gluten-free communities due to its superior digestibility.

Lentz Einkorn is a pure landrace type propagated exclusively at Lentz Spelt Farms in the United States.  Fresh from the farm to you.

Ingredients: Organic Lentz Einkorn Flour

Available in 22oz packages

Allergen information: A primitive relative of Wheat, Einkorn contains einkorn gluten.

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