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Organic Grünkern Whole Grain Berries - 12oz - Case of 8

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Green Spelt Alternative Grain

Grünkern (green kernel) is Europe's most surprising cereal grain product. It's Spelt harvested green, then smoked over a hardwood fire before dehulling.

Cooked whole like risotto for a pilaf, Grünkern berries lend themselves to a grand variety of dishes hot and cold.  They also add unusual grain flavor to soups. Or grind coarse to use as polenta or couscous. It's the main ingredient in what Germans call Bratlinge - vegetarian patties that can be styled as Hamburgers. Grünkern meal can even transform into a sandwich spread. Milled fine, Grünkern flour makes great dumplings, or blend with other flours for baking. Cookies and cakes of an immense variety can be created with Grünkern flour. Use whatever fruits are in season, the unique Grünkern flavor will be a fine accompaniment!

Case of 8 x 12oz packages.

Imported from Franconia, Germany.

Ingredients: Organic Spelt Farro. 12oz package.

Customer comments:

Thank you for giving discount on Grünkern. I love it so much and used to bring it from Germany. Now I can have it a lot more.


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