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Lentz Grünkern

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Grünkern is a whole-grain product that compares well with ripe grain, delivering especially good amounts of minerals and vitamins, vitamin B particularly.  On average, 100 grams of Grünkern contain 70% carbohydrates, 12% protein, 2.5 grams fat, 2 grams fiber.  The energy of 100 grams measures 350 Kcal.

Cooked like risotto for a pilaf, Grünkern berries lend themselves to a grand variety of dishes hot and cold.  They also add unusual grain flavor to soups.

Ground coarse, Grünkern delights as dumplings in soups.  It’s also the main ingredient in what Germans call Bratlinge – vegetarian patties that can be styled as Hamburgers.  Grünkern meal can even transform into a sandwich spread.

Cookies and cakes of an immense variety can be created with Grünkern flour.  Use whatever fruits are in season, the unique Grünkern flavor will be a fine accompaniment.

Grünkern is the German term for “green kernel” because for Grünkern Spelt is harvested green, in the dough stage of maturing when some of the sugars in the kernel have not yet turned to carbohydrates.  The kernels at this point contain around 50% moisture.  By a smoking process the fresh in-hull grain is dried down to 12%-14% moisture.  Hardwoods are burned for superior smoked-taste in the product, and also for a practical reason – hardwoods spark less.  After the Darre, the smoked Spelt is dehulled.

At LSF we’re largely committed to the local-food concept; so why do we import Grünkern?  We want to test the market.  Grünkern is such an unusual grain product, we hope it will find a strong following in the Pacific Northwest.  If so, we’ll build our own Darre here.

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