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Black Nile Barley Organic Whole Grain Flour - 22oz

Non-GMO Purple Barley Flour



Lentz Black Nile Barley flour, from a non-GMO whole grain also known as "purple barley," is packed with antioxidants, making it both a nutritious and tasty addition to your kitchen! At Lentz Spelt Farms, you get the whole grain from this marvelous hulless variety of barley - no need to pearl it away! Our Black Nile Barley is recognized by the FDA as heart-healthy, thanks to its high content of beta-glucan that lowers blood cholesterol and reduces the glycemic index.

It is well suited for tasty Scottish-Celtic style bannocks. A wide variety of flatbreads and pocket-breads from many cultures can come out of the oven. Some bakers like to add our barley flour to spelt or emmer flour for multi-grain breads.

The very best Black Nile Barley meal we've cooked is moist and delicious barley pancakes; there is no tastier way for a robust start of the day!

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Ingredients: Organic Lentz Black Nile Barley.

Available in 22oz packages

Black Nile Barley is an ancient grain of the Fertile Crescent. 

Lentz Black Nile Barley is a unique landrace variety genetically adapted to the mineral-rich soils and sunny climate of the Columbia Plateau in the Pacific Northwest. Chefs and bakers take delight in the robust flavor of this grain. 

Allergen info: Black Nile Barley contains barley gluten

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