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Lentz Black Nile Barley

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Among barley landraces exist several sub-groups, including “hulless” barleys such as our Black Nile Barley.  The term “hulless,” however is somewhat confusing because hulless barley kernels do grow inside a hull.  They’re not free-threshing like wheat, instead they’re like the Farro grains: hulless barley needs to be dehulled to separate the “berries” from the hulls, ready for risotto or milling.

The difference between hulled and hulless barleys is the adherence of the hull to the kernel.  In hulled barleys a recessive gene causes the hulled trait, expressed as a cement-like substance that binds the hull to the kernel, beginning 16 days after pollination.  The strong bond of hull and kernel means that the hull needs to be ground away to get the kernel, usually by pearling.  In the grinding process bran and germ are affected. Conversely, hulless barleys are truly a whole food, bran and germ intact.  Since a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants reside in the bran, hulless barleys are the healthy choice.

Anthocyanin has been indicated as preventative against aging and neurological diseases, diabetes, bacterial infections, fibrocystic disease and cancer.  “A growing body of evidence suggests anthocyanins and anthocyanidins may possess analgesic properties in addition to neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory activities,” according to the Journal of Medicinal Food.

Our barley is recognized by the FDA as Heart-Healthy, thanks to its high content of beta-glucan that lowers blood cholesterol and reduces the glycemic index.  Barley contains eight essential amino acids.

The novice barley connoisseur will be pleased with Lentz Black Nile Barley – it can do anything wheat can do, except European-style sandwich bread (barley is low in gluten).

Allergen info: Black Nile Barley contains barley gluten.

A natural grain, non-GMO.

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